Beautiful fete wedding with purple splashes AND DANCES TO GOGOL BORDELLO :D

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The Oh Shit Kit

Green fairy wedding

Interactive programs

Wedding Organiser App!

Integration with Twitter and Facebook, and you gain points and unlock achievements for completing tasks

Beautiful geeky robot wedding.

And they walk in to Concerning Hobbits <3

Using homemade labels to disguise cheaper alcohol

Folk festival wedding. I adore this, I would love a wedding in a field, but I would need to find one. They stay over night in a yurt! That too.

And I have friends who do fire spinning, semi-professionally I think, they go to circus festivals and everything. If I could have a field, with tents and hay bales in the sunshine, people drinking lemonade and ginger beer, and eating a buffet and dancing after the sun’s gone down before going off to sleep in tents and yurts I would be so happy.